Grilled Spanish mackerel with shiso flavor

Grilled sawara marinated in soy sauce containing shiso. Shiso has a preservative effect, making it the perfect ingredient to use with easily spoiled blue fish.
side dish

Gizzard dressed in vinegar miso

Sunagimo sumisoae is a dish of gizzard, cucumber, and wakame seaweed tossed in sumiso. This is a low calorie, low fat and high protein dish perfect for dieters
staple food

Beef pepper rice (steak rice bowl)

The rice is topped with tender, fatty beef shoulder, corn, butter, and green onions. Beef pepper rice is a stamina dish with a strong garlic aroma and an impressive appearance.

Grilled chicken honey mustard sauce

The richness overflows from the fragrantly grilled bone-in meat. The sour and sweet sauce envelops the meat. This dish is sure to enchant you.

Horse mackerel and ethnic sauce

Fried horse mackerel topped with a sauce made from fish sauce. Toppings are Cilantro and lime. Please immerse yourself in the charm of Asian ethnic cuisine.

Cherry blossom flavored yokan

A Japanese sweet with the scent of cherry blossoms and a subtle salty taste. This recipe uses gelatin instead of agar to create a gentle texture.
side dish

Broccoli and Bonito Flakes salad

A salad mixed with broccoli, bonito flakes, and mayonnaise. Adding Japanese mustard creates a wonderful change in the monotonous taste.
main dish

Cabbage and chive dumplings (Gyoza)

It’s a Japanese style dumpling(gyoza) with ground pork, cabbage, and Chinese chives inside. It is then served with soy sauce and vinegar sauce.

Fried chicken and tartar sweet chili sauce

It's a hearty dish. I recommend homemade sweet chili sauce, which is easy to make and has high cost performance. Surprisingly, it goes well with mayonnaise.
main dish

Grilled juicy salmon and garlic

The juicy salmon and the aroma of garlic are wonderful. Just put the ingredients in a plastic bag, wait a few hours, grill, and you've got a great dinner.
staple food

Homemade fluffy walnut bread

Homemade walnut bread with a simple taste. Japanese bread is fluffy compared to foreign bread. You can make it even if you don't own a home bakery.