main dish

Stir-fried Pork and Eggplant with Miso

豚肉とナスのみそ炒め(butaniku to nasu no miso itame) NUTRITION FACTS 269 kcal Protein 14.3 g Fat 16.2 g Carb 19.7g Salt Equivalent...

Grilled Salmon Marinated in Shio-Koji

Salmon marinated in salt koji and grilled. By using it instead of soy sauce, it adds a slightly sweet and mild salty taste.

Sesame balls with azuki bean paste

ごま団子(goma dango) NUTRITION FACTS 1362 kcal Protein 16.8g Fat 69.1g Carb 173.6g Salt Equivalent 0g ※Oil absorption rate i...
staple food

French bread with mentaiko sauce

Garlic, mentaiko, mayonnaise, and butter are put in a ficelle and baked fragrantly. This bread is very popular in Japan.
side dish

Nama ham and baby leaf Gorgeous Salad

生ハムとベビーリーフのサラダ(nama ham to baby leaf no Salad) NUTRITION FACTS 111kcal Protein 9.3g Fat 5.6g Carb 7.1g Salt Equivalent 1...
main dish

Namafu Dengaku with a chewy texture

Namafu no miso dengaku(生麩のみそ田楽) NUTRITION FACTS 229kcal Protein 14.6g Fat 2.8g Carb 34.9g Salt Equivalent 1.5g What kind...

Red fish tempura with shiso

Akauo no yukari age(赤魚のゆかり揚げ) What kind of dish is Akauo no yukari age?? Red fish wrapped in green shiso leaves and made...
main dish

Grilled chicken with mustard flavor

鶏肉のマスタードパン粉焼き(tori niku no mastard panko yaki) EXPLANATION The chicken was marinated in a sauce, covered with bread crum...

Sweet potato, apple and raisin compote

さつまいもとリンゴの甘煮(satsumaimo to ringo no amani) NUTRITION FACTS 131 kcal Protein 0.9g Fat 0.2g Carb 33.8g Salt Equivalent 0g ...
side dish

Natto and whitebait mixed with radish

納豆としらすのおろし和え(natto to shirasu no oroshi ae) What kind of dish is natto to shirasu no oroshi ae?? A dish of natto mixed w...
side dish

Fried dumplings with crab thick sauce

揚げ餃子のカニあんかけ(age gyoza no kani ankake) EXPLANATION It is a dish in which ready-made dumplings are fried in oil and eaten ...
main dish

Tonteki (Pork with a unique sauce)

Tonteki is a stamina dish made of thick pork seasoned with lots of garlic and Worcestershire sauce.ヽ(´▽`)/