staple food

easy to make beef udon noodles

It is a popular noodles menu in Japan. The richness of the beef and the sweetness of the onions combine with the soup.
main dish

Goya champuru with attractive bitterness

Goya Chanpuru(ゴーヤチャンプルー) EXPLANATION A dish originating in Okinawa that uses goya, tofu, spam, and eggs. It is sometimes...

Stir-fried chicken and burdock

Tori gobou (鶏ごぼう) What kind of dish is Tori gobou?? Fried chicken and burdock mixed with soy sauce. Fried chicken is goo...

Grilled hamachi with Soy Sauce

ハマチの醤油焼き(hamachi no shouyu yaki) What kind of dish is hamachi no shouyu yaki?? It is a dish in which hamachi is sprinkle...
side dish

Healthy shrimp and avocado salad

Ebi to avocado no salad(エビとアボカドのサラダ) What kind of dish is Ebi to avocado no salad?? This is a slightly luxurious salad r...
side dish

simmered okara with vegetables

This is a Japanese recipe that uses okara and various other ingredients with different textures, seasoned with soy sauce.
staple food

Tomato curry made in pressure cooker

トマトカレー Curry is said to be the national dish of Japan. It is a menu loved by children and adults. Going back in history,...
main dish

Cottage pie with mashed potatoes and beef

コテージパイ(Cottage pie ) NUTRITION FACTS 195 kcal Protein 12.4g Fat 10.4g Carb 17.5g Salt Equivalent 1.3g EXPLANATION Minced...
main dish

Steamed broccoli and seafood in wine

ブロッコリーとシーフードのワイン蒸し( broccoli to seafood no wine mushi) EXPLANATION A fragrant steamed dish of broccoli and seafood. Larg...
main dish

Pork and onion ketchup saute

ポークチャップ(porkchup) NUTRITION FACTS 250kcal Protein 15g Fat 16.6g Carb 11.6g Salt Equivalent 1.5g EXPLANATION “Porkchup” i...
side dish

Vinegared radish and carrot

紅白なます(kouhaku namasu) NUTRITION FACTS 30kcal Protein 0.8g Fat 1.1g Carb 4.6g Salt Equivalent 0.4g ⋈*Salt absorption rate...
staple food

Chilled Chinese noodles with 麻辣香油

麻辣冷やし中華(mara hiyashi chuka) NUTRITION FACTS 684kcal Protein 36.5g Fat 19.4g Carb 94.7g Salt Equivalent 3.9g EXPLANATION ...