side dish

Layered layer of potatoes and white sauce

Layered with homemade white sauce and potatoes and baked in the oven. The richness of the white sauce and the aroma of the cheese combine to create a delicious dish.

Easy and tasty Roast chicken Wings

Chicken marinated in soy sauce and garlic and roasted in the oven. Fragrant aroma and juicy meat. It's easy, delicious, and will satisfy both adults and children.

Steamed yellowtail ( sakamushi )

A healthy dish of yellowtail and vegetables steamed with sake. The fish becomes plump and has a nice aroma due to the effect of the sake.
side dish

Simmered thick fried tofu and vegetables

Takiawase is a popular cooking method in Japan. The key to seasoning is to keep the salt concentration between 1% and 1.2% of the total weight of the food.

Japanese hotcakes using hotcake mix

It will bring a smile to your face as it bakes into a beautiful circular shape.Enjoy it with your morning coffee on holidaysꕤ