Tofu topped with meat miso (niku miso)

main dish
I put flavorful meat miso(=niku miso) on top of tofu.


Tofu no niku miso kake(豆腐の肉みそかけ)

I put flavorful meat miso(=niku miso) on top of tofu.

The niku miso with the spiciness of gochujang and the umami of red miso is perfect for rice. Tofu is the main dish, so it is healthy(*ˊᵕˋ)♡‧₊

Niku miso has a concentrated umami, so it goes well with rice, noodles and tofu. Children will love it too. For small children, gochujang can be omitted.

Gochujang is a Korean seasoning that has both sweetness and spiciness.

If you want to know more about miso, please click here. 👉 Japanese traditional seasoning miso

What types of tofu are there??

To make tofu, soybeans are first soaked in water overnight and ground in a blender. Add water to this, bring to a boil, then squeeze. This will separate the soy milk and okara. Tofu is made by mixing bittern with soy milk.

Tofu is low in fat and high in protein. It is also rich in calcium.

Tofu has a light taste, so it is an ingredient that can be easily used in any kind of Japanese, Western, or Chinese cuisine. The types of tofu are divided into “momen”, “soft” and “kinugoshi”.

Momen means cotton, and kinu means silk.

Momen has a firm texture and the taste of seasonings is easy to get used to.
Kinugoshi has a smooth texture and a light taste. Soft is right in the middle.

Use whatever you like. I used soft tofu.


348 kcal Protein 22g Fat 24g Carb 10g Salt Equivalent 1.4g


  • soft tofu 480g
  • minced pork 300g
  • garlic 5g
  • grated ginger 5g
  • chili pepper 1g
  • sesame oil 3g
    • ☆red miso 30g
    • ☆gochujang 5g
    • ☆soy sauce 10g
    • ☆sugar 20g
    • ☆sake 10g
    • ☆water 80g
  • ★potato starch 3g
  • ★water 40g
  • chopped green onions 10g


①Chop the garlic .

②Fry minced pork, garlic, grated ginger and chili pepper in sesame oil.

③Add red miso, gochujang, soy sauce, sugar, sake and water and simmer.

④When it boils, turn off the heat and add the potato starch dissolved in the water.

⑤When it boils again, turn off the heat.

⑥Heat up the tofu in the microwave.

⑦Put niku miso and green onions on the tofu.


When making niku miso, it is better to use red miso. The red miso that I always use is Fundokin’s “Ofukuro Akamiso”. The scent is not too strong, so it is easy to match with various dishes.

I love this gochujang and have bought it many times.


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