staple food

Demiglace spaghetti with meatballs

Spaghetti with plenty of meatballs. Meatballs are boiled instead of fried, which reduces calories.
side dish

Spinach ohitashi (spinach soaked in dashi)

Ohitashi is a staple of Japanese cuisine. It is a dish in which various seasonal vegetables are marinated in a seasoning mixture of dashi and soy sauce.
main dish

Asparagus and cream cheese spring rolls

Asparagus, cream cheese, and bacon wrapped in a flour skin and fried. It's colorful and easy to make in large quantities, making it perfect for parties.

Grilled cod marinated in basil oil

A seafood dish in which cod is marinated in a sauce made with herbal salt and olive oil and then grilled. This menu goes well with bread, pasta, and white wine.
side dish

Beef & bean sprouts with mustard

Stir-fried beef and bean sprouts and seasoned with mustard for a Western-style dish. It's an unexpected combination, but it's delicious, so I make it many times
staple food

Giant chocolate bread (overnight method)

Kneading is essential to making bread, but this recipe lets the dough rise for a long time without kneading. So it's very easy to make.
main dish

Fried bitter melon curry flavor (kakiage)

つぎのページで日本語で解説しています(*ˊᵕˋ)♡‧₊ Goya curry kakiage(ゴーヤのカレーかき揚げ) What kind of dish is Goya curry kakiage?? Bitter melon and o...