side dish

Stir-fried snap peas with salt flavor

Stir-fried snap peas and seasoned with chicken broth mix. It's a very simple dish, but it's so delicious that you won't be able to stop using your chopsticks.
main dish

Grilled Pork with salsa roja and cheese

A dish made of thickly sliced pork topped with salsa sauce and cheese and grilled. The richness, sourness, and spiciness are exquisitely intertwined.
side dish

Exquisite fluffy taro gratin

A gratin made with taro, chicken, and vegetables. It's hard to make mistakes because the taro gives it a natural consistency. Enjoy the texture of fluffy taro.
main dish

Simmered Chicken grunt (nitsuke)

Fish dishes tend to always be the same, but I saw chicken grunt at the supermarket and tried it for the first time. The meat was soft and delicious.

Japanese traditional seasoning miso

Miso is one of Japan's most important traditional seasonings, along with soy sauce, mirin, and sake. Please choose the type according to the menu.

About Soy sauce & mirin & sake

This article is about soy sauce, mirin, and sake, which are essential to Japanese cuisine. These three ingredients can be called the three sacred treasures.
staple food

Ketchup-flavoured spaghetti(Napolitan)

Napolitan is a pasta dish that originated in Japan. Spaghetti, onions, green peppers, bacon, and other ingredients are stir-fried and seasoned with tomato ketchup.

Japanese style beef teriyaki steak

We used plenty of beef for steak. It is topped with a Japanese-style teriyaki sauce made with soy sauce, mirin, and black pepper. It goes well with rice.
side dish

grilled shishito peppers

The bitterness and aroma of shishito is a taste for adults. The flavor from the bonito flakes and the aroma from the slightly burnt soy sauce are also nice.

Brownie filled with chocolate

A rich chocolate cake topped with almonds. Brownies are easy to make and are the perfect sweet for everyday snacks or entertaining.
staple food

Bamboo shoot rice (takenoko gohan)

This is a very simple recipe. You can fully enjoy the goodness of bamboo shoots, which can only be enjoyed for a short period of time when they are in season.

Grilled Yellowtail with salt ( kamashio yaki )

The fatty kama is surprisingly juicy. When you insert your chopsticks into the crispy skin, the fat will drip gently. The fish flesh is fluffy and soft.
staple food

Sushi wrapped in fried tofu ( Inarizushi )

This sushi is made by boiling fried tofu in sugar and soy sauce and stuffing it into vinegared rice. The sweetness, saltiness, and sourness are exquisite.

Chicken tempura ( Toriten )

Whether chicken thighs or chicken breasts are used varies depending on the store and household. It is typically eaten with karashi, ponzu sauce, and kabosu.
side dish

White sauce (béchamel sauce)

For the white sauce, stir fry flour in butter, add milk, and season with salt and pepper. Cream sauce and béchamel sauce are collectively called white sauce.
side dish

Simmered Hijiki Seaweed

Simmered Hijiki seaweed can be said to represent home cooking. I recommend using nama hijiki. Dried hijiki has hard fibers, but raw hijiki is soft and fragrant.
main dish

Chinese cabbage stew (mille-feuille nabe)

Place the Chinese cabbage and pork belly alternately in a clay pot and simmer in the dashi soup.It's easy to make, full of vegetables, and great value for money

Simmered mackerel(nitsuke)

Nitsuke is a representative Japanese home-cooked dish in which fish is simmered for a short time in a small amount of dashi, sugar, mirin and soy sauce.
staple food

Hayashi rice (Japanese Beef Stew Rice)

A dish of beef simmered in demi-glace sauce, red wine, and tomato puree and served over rice. It is one of the Western cuisines that developed uniquely in Japan.
main dish

Grilled atsuage and kimchi cheese

The thick deep-fried tofu is topped with kimchi and cheese, then grilled, then topped with soy sauce, chopped green onions, and seaweed. Umami is jammed♡