side dish

Stir-fried burdock (Kinpira gobo)

Kinpira is a dish of stir-fried burdock seasoned with sugar and soy sauce. The key to my recipe's deliciousness is to use plenty of ground sesame seeds.

Oven-roasted sea bream and vegetables

Sea bream, vegetables, and rosemary are marinated in olive oil and then baked in the oven. Please eat freshly roasted.
main dish

Beef stroganoff(бефстроганов)

It is made by sautéing beef, onions, and mushrooms and adding sour cream. This is a dish I've always wanted to make ♡
staple food

Hot dogs loved all over the world

A hot dog sandwiched with my favorite Schau Essen's sausage. I topped it with plenty of Heinz mustard and ketchup.
side dish

Green beans and peanut powder

Green beans seasoned with peanuts, soy sauce, and sugar. A delicious side dish that adds aroma and richness to plain vegetables.

Classic sweets baked cheesecake

A classic cheesecake recipe. Anyone can make it without any mistakes when they think of it, and the rich flavor will make you addicted.

Cajun chicken with a nice spicy flavor

Juicy chicken thighs with an appetizing aroma. It’s not yet a familiar dish in Japan, but I'm sure everyone will like it.

A classic dish Yellowtail Teriyaki

"Teriyaki" is a typical Japanese cooking method. It goes well with both fish and meat. It's easy and delicious.
staple food

Gapao rice(Thai Basil Stir-Fry )

Gapao rice is Thailand's national food. This means stir-fried basil. The nam pla is the key to its deliciousness.