A classic dish Yellowtail Teriyaki

"Teriyaki" is a typical Japanese cooking method. It goes well with both fish and meat. It's easy and delicious.
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Steamed broccoli and seafood in wine

A steamed dish of scallops, squid, and shrimp. It's a very simple recipe, but the combination of seafood with the aroma of wine, herbs and garlic is exquisite.
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Chinese-style stir-fried shrimp

Stir-fried shrimp and vegetables seasoned with chicken broth mix. A healthy dish with low calories and high protein.
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Gratin of winter vegetables and seafood

I made a gratin using leftover ingredients in the refrigerator, such as seafood, broccoli, and Chinese cabbage.
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Deep-fried fish paste dumplings

A homemade fish cake. It is made from tofu and paste of white fish. It has a soft and fluffy texture. The red pickled ginger is a nice accent.
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Garlic shrimp with an appetizing aroma

The butter sauce with the fragrant aroma of shrimp is exquisite, and eating it with rice is also one of its charms.