Deep-fried fish paste dumplings

main dish

sakana no surimi age(魚のすり身揚げ)

What kind of dish is sakana no surimi age??

A homemade fish cake. It is made from tofu and paste of white fish. It has a soft and fluffy texture. The red pickled ginger is a nice accent. Recommended as an accompaniment to an evening drink.

“Fish” is written in Japanese as “魚”. “Surimi” is written in Japanese as “すり身”. Alaska pollock, sardines, atka mackerel, and shrimp are used as raw materials, and these are processed into fish cakes, sausage and chikuwa.

“紅生姜 is read as “Beni shouga” that is ginger pickled in vinegar, sugar, and red pigment. It is often served with okonomiyaki, ramen, or gyudon. Beni shouga is pickled with red perilla leaves, which gives it its bright red color.

Beni shouga


419kcal Protein 21g Fat 31.6g Carb 14g Salt Equivalent 2.1g


  • firm tofu 240g
  • cloud ear mushroom 3g
  • carrot 30g
  • shelled shrimp 80g
  • red pickled ginger (紅生姜) 20g
  • fish paste (すり身) 270g
  • egg 30g
  • grated ginger 3g
  • soy sauce 5g
  • mirin 2g
  • potato starch 2g
  • oil moderate amount

⋈*⋈*This time I used sea bream paste.


➀ Wrap firm tofu with kitchen paper and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes.

② Replace the paper and remove the rough heat. Replace the paper again and squeeze it tightly.

③ Use a food processor to make the tofu smooth.

④ Reconstitute the cloud ear mushrooms with water, then squeeze out the water and chop finely.

⑤ Chop the carrots.

⑥ Finely chop the shrimp.

⑦ Drain the red pickled ginger and chop finely.

⑧ Mix Firm tofu, cloud ear mushroom, carrot, shelled shrimp, red pickled ginger, fish paste, egg, grated ginger, soy sauce, mirin, and potato starch.

⑨ Fry in oil at 170 degrees until golden brown.(…Spoon the dough and drop it into the oil.)

⑩ Drain the oil.

⋈*The menu for this day is Sweet potato rice, Deep-fried fish paste dumplings, Stir-fried lotus root with soy sauce, clear soup, and fruits.Check out this article too.
Rice cooked with sweet potato and Stir-fried lotus root with soy sauce