main dish

Gratin of winter vegetables and seafood

I made a gratin using leftover ingredients in the refrigerator, such as seafood, broccoli, and Chinese cabbage.
main dish

Tender braised pork belly

Japanese-style spare rib. You won't be able to stop using your chopsticks due to the rich meat flavor and strong seasoning!
side dish

Garland chrysanthemum and canned tuna

This dish is made by boiling garland chrysanthemums and dressing them with canned tuna and mayonnaise.
staple food

Grated Chinese yam with soba noodles

とろろそば(tororo soba) EXPLANATION A cold noodle dish with tororo (grated yam) on soba. It goes down well, and the egg is mi...
side dish

Nutritious salad topped with pork shabu

豚しゃぶサラダ(buta shabu salad) EXPLANATION After soaking the pork in hot water for a short time to remove excess oil, it was ...

Roasted sea bream with red turnip salad

tai no herb yaki(鯛のハーブ焼き) What kind of dish is Tai no herb yaki?? Oven-roasted sea bream marinated in olive oil and herb...

Pea sprouts and beef with oyster stir-fry

Pea sprouts (young leaves and stems of green peas) are suitable for supplying vitamin K, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin C, etc.
staple food

Gorgeously colored chirashizushi

Chirashizushi to eat on auspicious days.The key is to change the color, texture, and taste of the ingredients you use.
side dish

Marinated cucumber and glaze-grilled eel

うざく(uzaku) EXPLANATION A dish of glaze-grilled eel and cucumbers marinated in vinegar. The glaze-grilled eel is called “...
main dish

Salmon with rape blossoms (nataneyaki)

鮭の菜種焼き(sake no natane yaki) sake = salmon rape blossoms = nanohana I mixed rape blossoms and mayonnaise, placed them on ...

Deep-fried chicken with sweet chili sauce

Fried chicken tossed with sweet chili sauce and mayonnaise. A Southeast Asian style menu with a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness.

Unbaked cheesecake (rare cheesecake)

It's a recommended dessert to make at home, as it only requires a few ingredients and just needs to be mixed and cooled.
side dish

Vinegared eggplant, shiso and myoga

The marinated eggplant, the salty whitebait, and the refreshing taste of the Japanese ginger and shiso leaves are all appealing.
staple food

Pita bread with grilled beef

焼肉のピタパン(yakiniku no pitapan) EXPLANATION Pita bread stuffed with gochujang flavored beef. Pita bread is a flat, round br...

Simmered mackerel in red miso

次のページで日本語で説明しています(*ˊᵕˋ)♡‧₊ サバのみそ煮(saba no miso ni) What kind of dish is saba no miso ni⁇ I seasoned the mackerel with re...
side dish

Miso soup with lots of ingredients

具だくさんみそ汁(gu dakusan miso shiru) What kind of dish is misoshiru?? Miso soup is a staple of Japanese breakfast. You can us...
main dish

Hiretatsu (Fried pork tenderloin)

ヒレカツ(hirekatsu) EXPLANATION I fried a bite-sized pork tenderloin. Even if you care about your body, sometimes you want t...
side dish

Broccoli and Grated yam

Broccoli topped with grated yam and seasoned with salt koji. It is a dish that is kind to your body.

salmon and vegetables grilled in foil

A dish made by wrapping salmon and vegetables in aluminum foil and steaming them. Many people like the combination of butter and soy sauce.
staple food

Dandan noodles full of sesame flavor

担々麺(Tantan men) EXPLANATION A delicious noodle dish with garlic and ginger flavored meat miso and rich sesame paste soup...