staple food

Shirasu toast with a nice combination

This is the recipe for "Shirasu Toast" that appears in the popular manga "Umimachi Diary" which was made into a movie in 2015.

Small orthodox English scones

It's the perfect snack for breakfast, tea time, coffee breaks, and any other occasion. There are also many variations.

Mackerel with sesame flavor

Grilled mackerel marinated in a fragrant sauce made with roasted sesame seeds, sesame paste, and soy sauce.
main dish

Hamburger steak stewed in tomato sauce

Oven-grilled hamburgers are simmered in tomato sauce. The garnish is boiled snap peas and carrot glacé.
side dish

Refreshingly flavored enoki and pork

This is a menu item that you will want to eat when kabosu and yuzu begin to be distributed and it starts to feel like autumn.