side dish

Japanese salad with tofu and whitebait

A Japanese-style salad made with ingredients rich in high-quality protein and minerals, such as tofu, eggs, and whitebait.
main dish

Fried marlin with aurora sauce

A sauce that combines ketchup and Worcestershire sauce or ketchup and mayonnaise is called Aurora sauce.
main dish

Fried chinese chive and pork (nirabuta)

This is a specialty of Oita Prefecture, made with stir-fried chives, cabbage, and pork and seasoned with oyster sauce.
side dish

Gratin of grated Chinese yam

This is a dish made by grating Chinese yam and baking it in the oven. Enjoy the melty texture and flavor of the dashi. I'm sure you'll want to eat it again.
staple food

Sauteed Bifun (rice noodles)

I sautéed rice noodles with lots of vegetables and pork. This recipe uses chicken stock, so the seasoning is easy and delicious.

Tatsutaage of horse mackerel

Tatsutaage is a dish in which chicken or fish is seasoned with soy sauce, sprinkled with potato starch, and then fried.
main dish

Yangnyeom chicken(Korean Fried Chicken)

"Yangnyeom chicken (=양념치킨)" is a dish of fried chicken mixed with a sauce made from gochujang, garlic, and sugar.
side dish

High-quality butter-roasted potatoes

This is a very simple dish made by roasting a very delicious variety of potato called Inca no Mezame with butter.
side dish

Ozouni (mochi soup) for New Year’s

Ozouni is a soup with rice cakes eaten on the morning of New Year's Day. You can feel the gentle flavor of carefully made broth.