side dish

Deep fried tofu (atsuage) with ponzu

This dish is fried tofu heated in a microwave and topped with ginger and ponzu sauce. This is a super easy and time saving recipe that my mom used to make.

Grilled salmon with mayonnaise and cheese

Salmon topped with cheese and mayonnaise and grilled in the oven. The salmon is fragrant and juicy. It's easy to make and contains plenty of vegetables.
main dish

Ham cutlet using thinly sliced ham

つぎのページで日本語で解説しています(*ˊᵕˋ)♡‧₊ Ham katsu(ハムカツ) A classic ham cutlet (hamkatsu) made with thinly sliced ham. The flavor of t...
staple food

Easy Homemade Chicken Pho

The noodles, called pho, are topped with a soup flavored with fish sauce, chicken, and coriander. This is a very fragrant dish. It's very easy to make.

Melty texture chocolate (nama choco)

There are various recipes for nama choco, but the most reliable method is to add warmed cream to moderately melted chocolate.
side dish

Macaroni salad with lots of ingredients

A hearty dish filled with ingredients such as macaroni, cucumbers, and carrots. It can be kept in the refrigerator for several days, so I make a lot.
side dish

Okra and mozuku vinegar (mozuku su)

This is a dish of okra and mozuku marinated in sweet vinegar. Sticky foods are rich in dietary fiber. This is the perfect menu for summer when appetite wanes.

Spanish Mackerel Miso Grill (saikyoyaki)

Saikyo-yaki is a traditional dish in which meat or fish is marinated in Saikyo miso(shiro miso), a specialty of Kyoto, and then grilled.

Colorful Japanese-style borscht (Борщ)

Borscht is known as one of the three great soups in the world. This recipe has been slightly adapted to make it easier for Japanese people to eat.
staple food

Chestnuts Rice ( kuri gohan )

A dish of chestnuts and rice cooked together. You can feel the umami of chestnuts, which can be said to be representative of the taste of autumn.
side dish

Yam Steak Soy Sauce Flavor

Nagaimo steak (長芋ステーキ) つぎのページで日本語で解説しています(*ˊᵕˋ)♡‧₊ What kind of dish is Nagaimo steak?? It is a dish of roasted nagaimo(...