Sweet adzuki beans and rice cake soup



Zenzai is a food made by simmering azuki beans sweetly with sugar and adding rice cakes, shiratama dango, and candied chestnuts.

Zenzai is a Japanese sweet that has been popular since the Edo period. A little salt may be added to bring out the sweetness. It is also sometimes served as a set with pickled vegetables.

Zenzai is also called shiruko. There are various theories, but I call it oshiruko when koshian is used. Koshian is a paste made from adzuki beans.

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What is the difference between rice flour and shiratamako??

Rice cake is called “団子=dango” and “餅=mochi” in Japan.

Mochi, which is often eaten on New Year’s Day, is made by mashing steamed glutinous rice and rolling it into balls.

Shiratamako is a powder made from glutinous rice, and it is used by adding water and kneading.

α type refers to steamed rice, and β type refers to raw rice.

y the way, there are also “Joshinko” and “Dangoko”, which are very similar to “Shiratamako”.

These are all types of rice flour. Shiratamako is made from glutinous rice, while Joshinko is made from non-glutinous rice, and Dangoko is made from both non-glutinous rice and glutinous rice.

When using shiratamako, it is often called ”dango”.

If you use shiratama flour , the dango will have a smooth texture and won’t harden even when chilled.

These are also attracting attention as gluten-free ingredients.

“ko=粉” means powder.

Shiratama dango can be frozen. It’s delicious even if you make a lot and sprinkle it with soybean flour. Also check out this recipe. 👉 Sticky rice cake ball with soybeans flour


306 kcal Protein 5.8g Fat 0.7g Carb 73.9g Salt Equivalent 0.2g


  • ☆shiratama flour 100g
  • ☆water  80g
  • ★canned boiled adzuki beans 600g
  • ★water 300g
  • 12 pieces of candied chestnuts 120g


➀Add water to the shiratama flour in 2 batches. Knead each time you add water.

Use 80-90% water for the amount of shiratamako.

②The dough done when it’s as hard as your earlobe. (The ideal hardness is to break when pressed.)

③Divide the dough into 6 parts and roll them to make shiratama dango.


④Boil shiratama dango. Let’s heat it well, if the heat is not enough, the inside will become powdery. 

⑤When the dango float, wait about 1 minute and remove them in cold water.

⑥Bring the adzuki beans and water to a boil.

⑦Put the shiratama dango and sweetened chestnuts into soup. The shiratama dango will melt, so the simmering time should be short.

azuki beans (red beans)
canned boiled adzuki beans