Cute looking cream cheese muffins



Creem cheese muffins(クリームチーズマフィン)

These muffins are colorful and cute. These sweets are also perfect for small gifts.

Muffins are a popular baked confectionery that is perfect for snacks and breakfast. It’s not difficult to make. It is a menu that is easy to challenge even for beginners of sweets making.

The point to make it well is to return the eggs, butter, and milk to room temperature. This will make the dough difficult to separate. You can also bake using a pound mold. For a 21 cm mold, increase the amount of ingredients by 1.2 times.

What kind of food is Cream cheese??

Cream cheese is a type of natural cheese. It was born in 1872, more than 100 years ago. Cream cheese first appeared in Japan in 1970. Nowadays, it has become an indispensable ingredient for making sweets.

Natural cheese is made by heat sterilizing milk, adding lactic acid bacteria to the cream made by adjusting the fat, and removing the whey.

Cream cheese and cottage cheese are classified as unripened fresh types cheeses, while gouda and blue cheese are classified as aged types cheeses.

Processed cheese is made by heating multiple cheeses and molding them. Sliced cheese and stick cheese that are preferred in Japan fall under this category.

Cream cheese has a whitish color, a sour taste derived from lactic acid bacteria, a rich taste of milk fat, and a soft texture. In addition, many arranged products such as dried fruits, nuts and herbs are also produced.

The appeal of cream cheese is that it can be used not only as it is, but also in various recipes such as cooking and making sweets. Depending on how you arrange it, you can spread the way you enjoy it, such as spreading it on bread or adding it to the sauce of a dish.

Compared to other cheeses, it has less peculiarity and is soft and smooth, making it easy to eat.

Cream cheese has about the same calories per 100g as sliced cheese, blue cheese, and Edam cheese.

Check out this article for easy-to-understand information on how to choose cream cheese.      👉

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1820 kcal Protein 25.2g Fat 90.1g Carb 226.9g Salt Equivalent 3.2g


  • unsalted butter 40g
  • sugar 70g
  • salad oil 20g
  • egg 60g
  • flour 110g
  • baking powder 3g
  • milk 55g
  • cream cheese 80g
  • rum 30g
  • dried fruit 80g


※Keep butter, egg and milk at room temperature.                 ※Soak dried fruits in rum.
※Sift the flour and baking powder                       ※Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. (170 degrees Celsius is 338 degrees Fahrenheit.)

① Dice the cream cheese.  

② Mix butter and sugar. Beat with a hand mixer until fluffy and whitish.

③ Add 1/2 of oil and mix.

④ Add 1/3 of the egg and mix.

⑤ Repeat ③ and ④, mix well with a hand mixer each time.

⑥ Add 1/3 of the sifted flour and baking powder and mix with spatula.

⑦ Add 1/2 of milk and mix with spatula.

⑦ Repeat ⑥and ⑦. 

Do not overmix in this step. Stop when it’s no longer powdery.

⑧Add cream cheese and dried fruit, mix gently and pour into molds. 

⑨ Bake at 170°C for 25 minutes.

Adding dried fruit on top will give it a beautiful appearance when baked.