Vietnamese specialty chicken pho

staple food


Tori niku no pho(鶏肉のフォー)

What kind of dish is Tori niku no pho??

Pho is the most popular Vietnamese dish.
In Vietnam, where rice production is thriving, you can eat it all over the city, including hotels, restaurants, and food stalls. However, it is rarely made at home.
It’s so easy to make that anyone can make it at home if they have the ingredients. I made it for the first time, but I was surprised that it was easier to make than I imagined! It takes less time than making spaghetti.

There are two main types of pho soup. Phở bò is a beef-based soup topped with beef, and Phở gà is a chicken-based soup topped with chicken.
The soup is clear and has a light taste as you can see. When the soup is ready, add the boiled pho.
The basic ingredient is green onions, but you can add basil, mint, coriander, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, chives, lime and other toppings to your liking.

What is the difference between pho and rice vermicelli?

The main ingredient in both is rice flour. Pho is made by dissolving rice flour in water, spreading it on a steamer like a crepe, and cutting the dough into stripes.Rice vermicelli is shaped like pasta by putting the dough into a container with holes and pushing it out.


460kcal Protein 23.5g Fat 15g Carb 59.7g Salt Equivalent 6.2g


  • ★pho 140g
  • ★lukewarm water 800g
  • chicken thigh 200g
  • bean sprouts 100g
  • water 800g
  • ☆salt 2g
  • ☆nam pla (fish sauce) 30g
  • chicken broth mix  6g
  • ☆red pepper 1g
  • coriander 20g
  • 1/2lime


① While making the soup, soak the pho in lukewarm water to soften it a little.

② Boil hot water and add coriander root and chicken thighs.

③ When the chicken is cooked, add salt, nam pla (fish sauce), chicken broth mix and red pepper and bring to a boil.

Remove the lye that drains from the chicken to get a clear broth.

④ Add the washed bean sprouts.

⑤ Take out the chicken and cut it.

⑥ Boil the pho and wash it with water.

⑦ Place the pho in a plate.

⑧ Top on the chicken, lime and coriander.