Tender braised pork belly

main dish

豚の角煮(buta no kaku ni)

What kind of dish is buta no kakuni??

A dish made by simmering pork belly in a pressure cooker. It’s a Japanese-style spare rib.

There are various ways to make it depending on the person, such as recipes that do not grill the meat first or recipes that boil the meat and then stew it. Grilling the meat before stewing removes excess oil and prevents it from falling apart. I’ve tried it several times and like this method.

Kakuni is probably the most popular dish that uses a pressure cooker. The advantage of using a pressure cooker is that it can be made soft and tender in a short amount of time. If you don’t use a pressure cooker, we recommend simmering for 2 hours.

By the way, once I made it using pork loin, the meat was tough and dry. It seems that pork loin is not suitable for dishes that are simmered for a long time.

Kakuni has a strong flavor and is perfect as an accompaniment to an evening drink, as a topping for rice or ramen, or as an ingredient for fried rice.

The recommended arrangement is to add more seasonings and marinate the boiled eggs. The flavor of the meat permeates into the egg, making it a delicious dish.


354 kcal Protein 13.6g Fat 29.7g Carb 8.6g Salt Equivalent 2.0g


  • pork belly 250g
  • ginger 5g
  • leek 100g
  • ☆soy sauce 30g
  • ☆sake 30g
  • ☆sugar 10g
  • ☆dashi stock granules 3g
  • ☆water 300g
  • Japanese mustard 3g


➀ Cut the pork belly into 6cm squares. It shrinks when heated, so cut it into large pieces.

② Grill the surface of the pork belly.

The pressure cooker I use tends to burn ingredients when frying them. Therefore, use a small amount of oil at first, and when the oil comes out from the pork belly, wipe off the excess oil.

③ Put pork belly, ginger, green part of leek, soy sauce, sake, sugar, dashi stock granules and water in a pressure cooker and pressurize for 25 minutes.

Keep the heat low so that the moisture does not disappear during pressurization.

④ Turn off the heat and when the pressure is released naturally, open the lid and let it boil down.

⑤ Cut the white part of the white leek as finely as possible and put it on top of the meat.

⑥ You can eat Japanese mustard together if you like. Japanese mustard is a little different from western mustard.


I use a T-fal “Clipso Minut Easy” pressure cooker. The content is 4.5L.