Melty texture chocolate



Nama chocolate(生チョコ)

What kind of dish is Nama chocolate??

“Nama choco” is characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth texture.

This is ganache coated with cocoa, powdered sugar, matcha, etc. Ganache is a liquid mixture of chocolate and heavy cream that is cooled and hardened again.

Heavy cream is called “Nama cream” in Japanese. “Nama cream mixed with chocolate” is abbreviated as “Nama choco”.

In Japan, Nama choco has clearly defined standards.

  • First of all, the chocolate contained in the ganache must be 60% or more of the total weight, the cream must be 10% or more of the total weight, and the water content must be 10% or more of the total weight.
  • In addition, ganache after coating must be for 60% or more of the total weight, and chocolate must be for 40% or more of the total weight.

The prototype of Nama choco was born in Switzerland in the 1930s. Locally it is called “Pavé Grasse” (cold cobblestone) or “pave au chocolat” (cobblestone chocolate).

In Japan, it is common to sprinkle cocoa on the surface of Nama choco, but in Switzerland it is common to sprinkle powdered sugar. “Pavé Grasse” (cold cobblestone) got its name because its appearance reminds us of snowy cobblestones.

A Western-style confectionery shop in Kanagawa started selling it in 1988. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of flavors such as Western liquor and matcha, tea, strawberry, sesame, etc.

cooking point

The most common mistake with this recipe is separating the chocolate and heavy cream. Chocolate contains a lot of cocoa butter, while heavy cream has a lot of water. Water and oil do not mix normally. Therefore, it needs to be emulsified.

There are various recipes, but the most reliable method is “How to add warm heavy cream to moderately melted chocolate”.

Heating the chocolate and heavy cream together in the microwave will overheat the chocolate and cause it to separate. If you pour warm heavy cream over cold chocolate and try to melt the chocolate, the temperature of the cream will either be too high or too low.

If you are careful about the temperature, you will surely be able to make it well.

Also, if you are afraid of failure, it is recommended to use couverture chocolate. It is difficult to separate because it does not contain excess oil.

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2033 kcal Protein 35g Fat 144g Carb 138.7g Salt Equivalent 0.7g


  • chocolate (black or milk) 240g
  • heavy cream 120g
  • unsalted butter 10g
  • cocoa powder 50g


➀ Put the chocolate in a metal bowl.

② Pour hot water into another bowl

③ Layer the ball with chocolate on the ball with hot water. Melt the chocolate with heat.

Be careful not to let the water get into the chocolate.

④ Heavy cream is “heated to just before boiling”.

Be careful not to overheat.

⑤ Add heavy cream little by little to the chocolate and mix well.

⑥Add butter and mix well until it becomes thick.

⑦ Pour the chocolate into a mold lined with baking paper and chill in the refrigerator for half a day to day. (This mold is a 15 cm square.)

⑧ Remove from the mold.

⑨ Sprinkle cocoa evenly using a tea strainer. The amount of cocoa used for this task is 1/3.

⑩ Cover it with a large tray and turn it over.

⑪ Sprinkle cocoa again. Again the amount of cocoa used is 1/3.

⑫ Turn it over on a cutting board and cut it to your desired size. Wipe off any chocolate from the knife with a paper towel between cuts.

⑬ Add the remaining cocoa to the tray and coat the cross section of the chocolate with cocoa.