Korean pancakes with cabbage and kimchi

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Cabbage chijimi(キャベツチヂミ)

What kind of dish is Chijimi?

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Korean pancakes(Chijimi) with a delicious chewy dough and cabbage.

”Korean pancakes(Chijimi)” is one of the Korean dishes. It is a dish made by mixing various ingredients with flour dissolved in water and frying it flat with oil.

It has become well-established in Japan as well. Korean pancakes(Chijimi) recipe mixes katakuriko with wheat flour, so you can make a chewy dough. The key is to use plenty of sesame oil to make the surroundings crispy.

Kimchi is a typical pickle of the Korean Peninsula, which is made from vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, salt, red pepper, salted seafood, and garlic. Kimchi goes well with pork and cheese.

Chijimi, Yangnyeom chicken, and beer make for a great dinner. Here is the recipe for Yangnyeom chicken. 👉 Yangnyeom chicken(Korean Fried Chicken)

What is katakuriko??

Katakuriko is mostly made from potato starch.

Potato starch is tasteless and odorless and does not interfere with the taste of food.

Katakuriko has the property of being strongly thickened by adding water and heat. This effect is used to thicken dishes such as soups and mapo tofu.

Cornstarch also has the same thickening effect, but it is weaker than potato starch. However, it remains thick even when it cools down, so it is suitable for making sweets such as custard cream and pudding.

Also, if you use katakuriko for the batter of deep-fried foods such as fried chicken, it will give a crispy finish.


501 kcal Protein 8.8g Fat 30.4g Carb 48.2g Salt Equivalent 3.0g


  • cabbage 150g
  • wheat flour 50g
  • katakuriko(potato starch) 50g
  • water 100g
  • 1egg
  • kimchi 100g
  • sesame oil 50g
  • ponzu 30g
  • sesame oil 2g
  • white sesami 3g

Ponzu is a sour sauce made by mixing soy sauce, vinegar, and citrus juice.


➀ Shred the cabbage.

② Mix the wheat flour, katakuriko and water, then mix the eggs. Comply with mixing order.

③ Add kimchi and shredded cabbage and mix well.

④ Heat sesame oil in a frying pan and spread the dough evenly.

⑤ Add oil to the bottom of the dough when you flip it. Cook both sides well. Occasionally press down firmly with a spatula.

⑥ It is eaten with a sauce made from Ponzu, sesame oil, and white sesame.