Seafood salad with sour dressing

side dish

Seafood salad(シーフードサラダ)

What kind of dish is Seafood salad⁇

I like Thousand Dressing so I tried making it myself. Since mayonnaise is the base, there is richness and acidity is accented. The use of seafood adds a touch of glamor to the dish(*´ᵕ`*)ノ❀

Because it is handmade, the calorie is modest. You can use your favorite ketchup or mayonnaise to make your own dressing.

I used pure select low calorie mayonnaise and Heinz ketchup. Heinz’s ketchup is delicious with garlic in it. When using a different ketchup, I add a little garlic.


115 kcal Protein 6.8g Fat 6.2g Carb 8.2g Salt Equivalent 1.0g


  • asparagus 20g
  • lettuce 40g
  • paprika 20g
  • frozen seafood mix 60g
  • red onion 20g
  • tomato 20g
  • ☆ketchup 25g
  • ☆half calorie mayonnaise 20g
  • ☆lemon juice 3g
  • ☆olive oil 6g
  • ☆Worcester sauce 3g
  • ☆vinegar 3g


① Peel the asparagus skin with a peeler and cut diagonally.

② Tear the lettuce into appropriate sizes.

③ Cut paprika into strips.

④ Boil the seafood mix and asparagus for 2 minutes and cool.

⑤ Slice the red onion, soak in water for a few minutes and squeeze.

⑥ Cut tomatoes into bite-sized pieces.

⑦ Mix ketchup, mayonnaise, lemon juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar.

⑧ Arrange the vegetables and seafood on a plate and drizzle with the dressing.