Seafood salad Thousand Island dressing

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Seafood Salad Thousand Island Dressing(シーフードサラダサウザンドレッシング)

What kind of dish is Seafood Salad Thousand Island Dressing⁇

I like Thousand Dressing so I tried making it myself. Since mayonnaise is the base, there is richness and acidity is accented. The use of seafood adds a touch of glamor to the dish(*´ᵕ`*)ノ❀

Because it is handmade, the calorie is modest. You can use your favorite ketchup or mayonnaise to make your own dressing.

I used pure select low calorie mayonnaise and Heinz ketchup. Heinz’s ketchup is delicious with garlic in it. When using a different ketchup, I add a little garlic.

This recipe is so simple that you can make it anytime. You can make the sauce more authentic by adding chopped pickles.

It goes well not only with seafood, but also with meat, so I recommend using it on hamburgers and hot dogs.

About frozen seafood mix

Frozen seafood mix tends to shrink and become dry if you add it to hot water, stir-fry it, or heat it in the microwave without thawing it.

This is caused by the moisture inside the seafood being removed due to osmotic pressure.

If you have time, it is best to thaw the seafood mix by soaking it in 3% salt water for an hour. For 150g of seafood mix, use 200g of water and 6g of salt.

This thawing method also has the effect of removing fishy odors.


115 kcal Protein 6.8g Fat 6.2g Carb 8.2g Salt Equivalent 1.0g


  • asparagus 20g
  • lettuce 40g
  • paprika 20g
  • frozen seafood mix 60g
  • red onion 20g
  • tomato 20g
  • ☆ketchup 25g
  • ☆half calorie mayonnaise 20g
  • ☆lemon juice 3g
  • ☆olive oil 6g
  • ☆Worcester sauce 3g
  • ☆vinegar 3g


① Peel the asparagus skin with a peeler and cut diagonally.

② Tear the lettuce into appropriate sizes.

③ Cut paprika into strips.

④ Boil the seafood mix and asparagus for 2 minutes and cool.

⑤ Slice the red onion, soak in water for a few minutes and squeeze.

⑥ Cut tomatoes into bite-sized pieces.

⑦ Mix ketchup, mayonnaise, lemon juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar.

⑧ Arrange the vegetables and seafood on a plate and drizzle with the dressing.