Shumai that looks like a flower

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What the kind of dish is Hanashumai??

Shumai is a tenshin (点心) that is a thin skin made from flour and stuffed with meat.
Tenshin is a word used to describe Chinese snacks and sweets (shu mai, gyoza dumplings, almond jelly, mooncakes, etc.). Dim sum(飲茶), on the other hand, refers to the custom of enjoying tenshin while drinking tea.

It’s a little difficult to wrap meat in Shumai skin, so to make it easier, I cut Shumai skin into long strips and then sprinkled them around. It is called ”Hana Shumai” because the finished shape looks like a flower. Hana means flower.

How is it different from gyoza dumplings? ?

Both dishes are often served as “dim sum” and are enjoyed by people of all ages. There are many variations of ingredients and skin, and there is no clear definition.

  • The first difference is the shape of the skin.Shumai and gyoza skin are made by kneading wheat flour, water, and salt. Then, shape the shumai into square and the gyoza into circles. Shumai wrappers are sometimes confused with wonton skin, but wonton skin actually contain kansui, which is used to make Chinese noodles.
  • The second difference is that shumai is a meat-based dish, while gyoza is usually made with meat and vegetables such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and chives.
  • The third difference is cooking method. Gyoza can be baked, steamed, boiled, or fried, but shumai is basically steamed.


296 kcal Protein 15.1g Fat 14.6g Carb7.1g Salt Equivalent 1.0g


  • ☆minced pork 300g
  • ☆egg 40g
  • ☆salt 2g
  • ☆mirin 7g
  • ☆soy sauce 15g
  • onion 300g
  • dried shiitake mushroom 8g
  • dumpling skin 150g (about 20 sheets)
  • green peas moderate amount


①Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in water the day before to rehydrate.

It’s a good idea to stock up on dried shredded shiitake mushrooms in case you’re short on time. It can be used by just soaking it in water for about 30 minutes.

②Knead minced pork, egg, salt, mirin, and soy sauce in a food processor. Remove to a ball.

③Finely chop the onions and shiitake mushrooms in a food processor, then put them in a bowl and mix well with the meat.

④Roll up to the appropriate size. About 20 pieces.

⑤Cut dumpling skins into 3 mm strips.

⑥Sprinkle the skin over the meatballs. At this point, leave about 5 sheets of skin.

⑦It is easy to peel off if you just put it on, so it is better to hold it lightly and wrap it up.

⑧Spread a cooking sheet on the frying pan and line up the meatballs.

⑨Sprinkle the leftover skin.

⑩If you want to put green peas on, this is the timing. I forgot to put it on this time.

⑪Put 100g of water between the cooking sheet and the frying pan.

⑫Cover and steam over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes.

⑬You can eat it with chili oil, ponzu sauce, mustard, etc. as you like.

Ponzu is a sour sauce made by mixing soy sauce, vinegar, and citrus juice.