Refreshingly sweet unbaked cheesecake


Rare cheesecake(レアチーズケーキ)

What kind of dish is Rare cheesecake?

A cake made by hardening cream cheese with gelatin.

It’s a recommended dessert to make at home, as it only requires a few ingredients and just needs to be mixed and cooled.ꕤ…˖*

The bottom has a crispy texture and is satisfying to eat. I recommend using Marie Biscuit for the bottom. This has been on sale for many years. It does not contain any extra flavorings or oils, so it does not interfere with the taste of the cake.

Check out Marie Biscuits here. 👇

マリー | ビスケット | 菓子 | 森永製菓株式会社

You can enjoy arranging it with your favorite toppings. Blueberry sauce and mango sauce also go well together.

It’s also good to use a glass or milk carton instead of using a cake mold.


341 kcal Protein 6.3g Fat 23.3g Carb15.4g Salt Equivalent 0.5g


I always use this 15 cm diameter mold. It is sold as “size 5”.

  • biscuits 70g
  • unsalted butter 35g
  • ★powdered gelatin 5g
  • ★lukewarm water 20g
  • ☆cream cheese 180g
  • ☆low-fat whipped cream 140g
  • ☆sugar 60g
  • ☆lemon juice 30g
  • ☆sugar-free yogurt 140g


※Keep the cream and yogurt at room temperature.

➀Cut the butter into dices.

②Break the cookie in half.

③Make the butter and cookies into crumbs in a food processor.

④ Spread the cookies in the mold.

Use a mold with a removable bottom. If you put cooking paper on the bottom, it will be easier to move it to the plate after it is completed.

⑤ Bake for 5 minutes at 180 degrees and cool. The dough will harden as the butter melts and cools. (180 degrees Celsius is 356 degrees Fahrenheit.)

⑥ Mix gelatin with lukewarm water. Place it in the oven with residual heat. Soak until smooth.

⑦ Soften cream cheese by boiling in hot water.

⑧ Add yogurt and sugar to melted cream cheese and mix well. Leave it in the boiling in hot water.

⑨ Whip fresh cream. Stop when the corner stands.

⑩ Stir in gelatin and a little cream cheese.

⑪ Mix cream cheese and gelatin thoroughly with a hand mixer.

At this point, if the gelatin hardens, it can be dissolved by boiling it in hot water.

⑫ Add the whipped cream to the batter in several batches. Mix well with a spatula each time. Add lemon juice and mix further.

⑬ Gently pour the batter into the mold and chill in the refrigerator for 4 hours.