Easy and tasty Roast chicken



Roast chicken(ローストチキン)

What kind of dish is Roast chicken?

Roast chicken is a dish that can be used in a wide variety of ways, from special dinners and entertaining to lunch boxes and snacks.

If you put chicken wings and seasonings in a plastic bag in the morning and put them in the refrigerator, you can just cook them in the oven when you get home.

There is no other recipe that is so easy and satisfying for both children and adults. You’ll love the Japanese flavor of garlic and soy sauce. Please give it a try.

What is Roast?

Put the ingredients in the oven and steam them. Alternatively, it refers to pricking it on a comb and roasting it over an open flame.

It is a cooking method that thoroughly sears the surface and cooks slowly over time, making it suitable for large chunks of meat.It’s easy to understand if you imagine a roasted turkey eaten at Christmas.

“Bake” also uses an oven, but it is often used for making sweets such as cookies.

Another cooking method that is often confused is grilling, which uses a wire mesh or griddle to cook meat and vegetables.Barbecue is a typical example. Since a strong flame is used for a short period of time, it is best to use soft meat.

About chicken wings

In Japan, chicken wings are classified into three types: tebamoto, tebasaki, and tebanaka.

I’m using tebamoto this time, but you can use other ones as well.

The tebamoto is the part near the base, which has thicker bones and more meat than other parts. The meat is soft and has just the right amount of elasticity.
Tebamoto are great not only for grilling, but also as an ingredient in curries and soups. By simmering the tebamoto, they become so soft that they fall apart, and the soup stock that brings out the flavor from the bones of the tebamoto brings out the flavor of the entire dish.

Tebasaki are the tip of a chicken wing, and although they contain less meat, they are attracting attention for the amount of collagen they contain. You can also make a delicious soup stock with a strong flavor. I love tebasaki sprinkled with salt and pepper and grilled in the oven.

Tebanaka is the part between tebasaki and tebanaka. Use for fried and simmered dishes. It is the easiest part to eat because it is fatty and soft.


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189 kcal Protein 17 g Fat 13.3 g Carb 1.7 g Salt Equivalent 1.5 g

The waste rate for chicken wings is 45%.


  • 9chicken wings (tebamoto) 500g
  • ☆salt 1g
  • ☆dark soy sauce 20g
  • ☆sake 20g
  • ☆grated garlic 5g
  • ☆grated ginger 5g


➀ Wipe the surface of the tebamoto with a paper towel.

② Put tebamoto in a plastic bag and rub in salt, soy sauce, sake, garlic, and ginger.

③ Roast in a preheated oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes.
{250 degrees Celsius is 482 degrees Fahrenheit.}

④ Skin side up, then turn over and roast for 10 minutes.