Tomato stew with chicken and soybeans



Toriniku to daizu no tomato nikomi(鶏肉と大豆のトマト煮込み)

What kind of dish is Toriniku to daizu no tomato nikomi?

Stewed tomatoes, chicken and soybeans.

The sourness of tomatoes, the sweetness of soybeans, and the richness of chicken are all mixed together, making it very delicious. The menu is low in salt and healthy for the body☆*:.。.

I learned from the chef that when stewing with tomatoes, adding a little sugar will make the acidity milder. Since then, I’ve been adding a pinch of sugar to my tomato dishes.

Soybean nutrition

Soybeans are called “meat of the field” because they contain a lot of protein. It is low in fat and calories and contains a lot of protein. Isoflavones, one of the components of soybeans, have excellent antioxidant properties and act like female hormones.

People who are concerned about osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, and menopausal disorders should actively eat this food. It’s better to eat continuously every day instead of taking a lot at once. It is a guideline to eat about 50g of soybeans per day.


291 kcal Protein 19.2g Fat 15.6g Carb 17.8g Salt Equivalent 1.5g


  • chicken thighs 300g
  • salt 2g
  • pepper moderate amount
  • oil 5g
  • wheat flour 18g
  • onions 150g
  • garlic 6g
  • boiled soybeans 160g
  • tomato cans 400g
  • water 400g
  • sugar 2g
  • consomme 6g
  • basil moderate amount
  • butter 5g


➀Rub the salt and pepper into the chicken.

②And sprinkle with wheat flour. Sprinkle flour to cover the entire surface.

③Heat the oil and grill both sides until the chicken color changes.

④Slice onions and garlic, stir-fry over medium heat until you can smell the garlic.

⑤Add washed boiled soybeans and tomato cans.

⑥Add water, sugar, consomme and basil and boil.

⑦When it gets boiled, add butter.