Senmaizuke-style pickled daikon radish

side dish



What kind of dish is Senmaizuke??

Senmai-zuke is one of Kyoto’s pickles, and is considered one of Kyoto’s three major pickles along with suguki-zuke and shiba-zuke. Kyo-yasai “Shogoin Turnip” is often used.
It is said that the name comes from the fact that turnips are sliced so thinly that they can be said to be 1,000 pieces. Turnip is hard to come by depending on the season, so I use Japanese radish. Using a slicer makes it easy.

The kombu is soaked together, so it has a little viscosity. It’s not rotten. It has a short shelf life, so eat it up within a few days. It is recommended to eat as a snack with sashimi.

Please enjoy the taste of Kyoto in your own home♡*゜


369 kcal Protein 2.9g Fat 0.7g Carb 89.2g Salt Equivalent 10.3g


  • Japanese radish 600g
  • vinegar 90g
  • sugar 60g
  • salt 10g
  • kelp 2×6㎝
  • chili pepper moderate amount


➀Peel off the skin of the Japanise radish with a peeler, and cut that into 2 mm thick slices. Thin Japanese radish can be used as is. Cut large Japanese radishes in half lengthwise and then slice.

②Wipe the surface of the kelp with kitchen paper and cut it into thin pieces.

③Mix vineger, sugar and salt.

④Soak kelp, chili pepper and Japanese radish.

⑤Leave in the refrigerator overnight.


Kyocera’s ceramic slicer remains sharp even after many years. I use it habitually.