Simmered thick fried tofu and vegetables

side dish


Atsuage no takiawase(厚揚げの炊き合わせ)

What the kind of dish is Atsuage no takiawase??

I simmered thick fried tofu and vegetables in a pressure cooker. This dish uses a pressure cooker, so the potatoes don’t fall apart and are cooked in a short amount of time.

“Takiawase” refers to a dish in which multiple ingredients are boiled together, seasoned with soy sauce, and arranged neatly on a plate. It is a popular cooking method in Japan and can be substituted with a variety of ingredients.

The key to seasoning simmered foods is to keep the salt concentration between 1% and 1.2% of the total weight of the food.

1g of soy sauce has 0.16g of salt, so you need about 6g to 8g of soy sauce for 100g of ingredients. If you want to maintain the beautiful color of your food, use more light soy sauce.

Even when frozen, I was able to eat fried tofu and potatoes without any problems. The potato variety called “Yokunetaimo” is sweet and delicious ♡

What the kind of food is Atsuage??

“Atsuage” and “aburaage” are both fried tofu.

Atuage (thick deep-fried tofu) is made by frying the tofu on the surface to add flavor, while the center retains the texture of tofu. Aburaage (thin deep-fried tofu) is perfectly cooked inside. Both can be used as ingredients for simmered or stir-fried dishes.

Surprisingly, it goes well with chili sauce and cheese. Be sure to always stock your refrigerator with ”deep-fried tofu”, an excellent and inexpensive ingredient‼

Atuage, which uses silken tofu as a raw material, is called “kinuatsuage”. I always use Kinu Atsuage because I like its soft and chewy texture. For this recipe, you can choose either regular atuage or kinuatuage.


159kcal Protein 8.2g Fat 6.7g Carb 16.5g Salt Equivalent 1.2g


  • thick fried tofu 350g
  • carrots 70g
  • 3potatoes 270g
  • 6shiitake mushrooms 100g
  • 6green beans 50g
  • ☆dark soy sauce 20g
  • ☆light soy sauce 30g
  • ☆sake 20g
  • ☆sugar 20g
  • ☆mirin 20g
  • ☆water 200g


① Soak the thick fried tofu in boiling water for 1 minute to remove the oil. This will help the flavors soak in more easily.

② Slice the carrots diagonally.

③ Peel the potato and cut it in half.

④ Make cuts in the shiitake mushrooms.

⑤ Wash the green beans and cut off both ends.

⑥ Set all ingredients except green beans in the pressure cooker.

⑦ Place over medium heat and when steam starts coming out, wait 1 minute and turn off the heat.

⑧ After it cools down naturally, add the green beans and bring to a boil.

By cooling it once, the flavors will blend into the ingredients.