Meatballs with black vinegar sauce



Nikudango kurozu ankake (肉団子黒酢あんかけ)

What kind of dish is Nikudango kurozu ankake??

Meatballs made from minced pork and minced beef are mixed with a black vinegar sauce.

It’s easy to make and light taste because it’s boiled without frying. It goes well with the sweet and sour sauce.You can make about 20 meatballs. It’s also good to make a lot and freeze it. I also like meatballs with ketchup, tomato sauce, and demi-glace sauce.

The meat is 30% minced pork and 70% minced beef. In Japan, most supermarkets sell “Aibiki Minchi” mixed with this ratio.

Black vinger is written as ”黒酢=kurozu” in Japanese. Also, meatball is written as ”肉団子=nikudango”.

What kind of food is Black vinegar??

Vinegar is classified into brewed vinegar and synthetic vinegar.

Brewed vinegar is made from grains, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products. Synthetic vinegar is made from glacial acetic acid or acetic acid. Both are made by adding sugar, acidulant, salt, and amino acids to the raw materials.

Brewed vinegar is classified into grain vinegar (rice vinegar, rice black vinegar, barley black vinegar) and fruit vinegar (apple vinegar, grape vinegar). Wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar fall under grape vinegar.

The one I used is rice black vinegar. Grain vinegar is made from highly polished rice, but black vinegar uses brown rice (rice with bran remaining). The amount of rice used for black vinegar is 4.5 times more than rice vinegar. Fermentation takes several years. The color is darker and the fragrance is milder.

193 kcal Protein 12.4g Fat 11g Carb 9.4g Salt Equivalent 2.8g


  • onion 100g
  • minced meat 300g
  • bread crumbs 10g
  • egg
  • salt 4g
  • pepper moderate amount
  • ☆soy sauce 60g
  • ☆sugar 20g
  • ☆black vinegar 20g
  • ☆sake 20g
  • ☆potato starch 3g
  • ☆water 150g
  • roasted sesame 3g


①Chop the onion as finely as possible.

②Mix the ground minced meat, onion, bread crumbs, egg, salt, and pepper together and knead well.

③Roll into 20g-25g and boil in hot water.

④When it starts to float after a while over medium heat, transfer it to a frying pan.

⑤Place meatballs, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, sake, potato starch, and water in a frying pan and heat until thickened.

⑥Sprinkle with sesame seeds.