Tempura that anyone can make well

main dish


Tempura (天ぷら)

What kind of dish is tempura??

Tempura is made by wrapping ingredients such as seafood, meat, and vegetables in batter made from wheat flour and frying them in oil.

It is one of the typical Japanese dishes.

Tempura requires a high level of cooking skill, and it is a difficult dish where you can clearly see the difference between home cooking and chefs.

The batter can be made from flour, water, and eggs, but this time I used tempura powder that anyone can easily make. Tempura powder is easy to use even with a small amount, very convenient.

There are also small, deep pots for tempura on sale. Use enough oil to submerge the ingredients. Please eat freshly fried.

It’s delicious just as it is, but you can use salt or tempura sauce if you like. Recently, matcha salt, rock salt, and truffle-flavored salt have become popular.


218 kcal Protein 3.8g Fat 12g Carb 27.5g Salt Equivalent 0.1g

The amount of oil absorbed is calculated based on 12% of the material.


  • eggplant 80g
  • carrot 120g
  • shiitake mushroom 60g
  • okra 60g
  • pumpkin 60g
  • water 160g
  • tempura powder 100g
  • salad oil appropriate amount


①Cut the eggplant into 20g pieces and make a slit. This method of cutting is called “Chasengiri”.

②Slice the carrot into 15g pieces and remove the okra calyx.

③Cut the shiitake mushrooms into flower patterns.

④Wrap 1/4 of the pumpkin loosely in plastic wrap and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. Allow to cool before slicing. (If you have leftover pumpkin, use it in soups and salads.)

⑤Mix the tempura powder and water well. Dip the ingredients into batter.

⑥Fry at 170℃ for 7 minutes. (170 degrees Celsius is 338 degrees Fahrenheit)

⑦Drain the oil.