Colorful Spanish omelet


Spanish omuretsu(スパニッシュオムレツ)

What kind of dish is Spanish omelet??

An omelet with ingredients such as paprika, potatoes, and fish sausage.

Easy to make and colorful, perfect for breakfast. You can get plenty of vegetables and protein.

It will brighten up your busy morning dining table.ꕤ…˖*

Potatoes are essential to a Spanish omelet. But you can change the ingredients such as chicken, bacon, tomato, taro, lotus root, etc.

The plate size is W179mm/ D128mm/ H40mm/ 410cc


148 kcal Protein 10.5g Fat 8.5g Carb 8.5g Salt Equivalent 1.4g


  • fish sausage 30g
  • potato 30g
  • paprika (red/yellow) 30g
  • onion 30g
  • 2eggs
  • milk 30g
  • grated garlic 2g
  • consommé granules 4g
  • grated cheese 3g


①Dice the fish sausage, potatoes, paprika, and onions.

②Beat the eggs and mix with the milk.

③Mix the fish sausage, potatoes, paprika, onion, egg mixture, grated garlic, consommé, and grated cheese, and transfer to a heat-resistant dish. It is better not to fill it completely as it expands while baking. It will shrivel up when baked.

④Bake for 20 minutes in the lower rack of an oven preheated to 230°C. 230 degrees Celsius is 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

⑤If it looks like it will burn halfway through, cover it with aluminum foil. I think that the fire is passing if the whole swells softly. If you’re worried about whether it’s cooked all the way through, stick a bamboo skewer in it. If nothing comes out, it completely heated.

⋈*The oven I use is Toshiba’s “Ishigama Dome”. I like that it won’t break even after 10 years of use and is easy to clean.

⋈*Today’s menu is bread rolls, Spanish omelette, chopped salad, yogurt with granola, and figs. The side salad is leftover omelet ingredients and lettuce.